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  Audition level 1 Course

Course Description

Adobe Audition CC software delivers the cross-platform tools that video and film professionals, broadcast engineers, and audio specialists need for recording, editing, mixing, creating soundtracks, and restoring audio. A new, high-performance audio playback engine drastically speeds up operation; enables work on multiple simultaneous audio and multitrack files; and allows effects, noise reduction, and audio sweetening processing in the background. Royalty-free content makes creating sound beds, scores, and soundscapes easy. Native 5.1 surround sound capability and roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere® Pro CC software promote a smooth video production workflow, while Open Media Format (OMF) and XML support project exchange with Avid Pro Tools and third-party NLEs.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for those who want to learn music production and composition using Adobe Audition.


  • Practical working knowledge of computers and basic Mac OS X or Windows skills.
  • Basic knowledge of audio terminology is recommended.

Sorry, we currently do not have any public courses scheduled at this time. Please contact us to see if we can put one on the schedule for you.

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Hours are 08:30 to 16:00 unless specified otherwise

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Audition Basics

  • Audio interface basics
  • Mac OS audio setup
  • Windows setup
  • Testing inputs
  • Using external interfaces
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Lesson 2: The Audition Interface

  • Two applications in one
  • Audition workspaces
  • Explore the interface

Lesson 3: Waveform Editing

  • Open a file
  • Video files
  • Select regions
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Use multiple clipboards
  • Mix paste
  • Create a loop
  • Showing waveform data under the cursor
  • Add fades

Lesson 4: Effects

  • Effects basics
  • Using the Effects Rack
  • Effect categories
  • Amplitude and Compression effects
  • Delay and echo effects
  • Filter and EQ effects
  • Modulation effects
  • Noise reduction/restoration
  • Reverb effects
  • Special effects
  • Stereo imagery effects
  • Time and Pitch effects
  • Third-party effects (VST and AU)
  • Using the Effects menu
  • Presets and favorites

Lesson 5: Audio Restoration

  • About audio restoration
  • Reducing hiss
  • Reducing crackles
  • Reducing pops and clicks
  • Reducing broadband noise
  • De-humming a file
  • Removing artifacts
  • Manual sound removal
  • The Spot Healing brush
  • Automated sound removal

Lesson 6: Mastering

  • Mastering basics
  • Equalization
  • Dynamics
  • Ambience
  • Stereo imaging
  • Push the drum hits; then apply the changes
  • Mastering diagnostic

Lesson 7: Sound Design

  • About sound design
  • Generate noise, speech, and tones
  • Creating rain sounds
  • Creating a babbling brook
  • Creating insects at night
  • Creating an alien choir
  • Creating sci-fi machine effects
  • Creating an alien drone flyby
  • Extracting frequency bands

Lesson 8: Creating and Recording Files

  • Recording into the Waveform Editor
  • Recording into the Multitrack Editor
  • Checking remaining free space
  • Dragging into an Audition editor
  • Importing tracks as individual files from an audio CD

Lesson 9: Multitrack Sessions

  • About multitrack production
  • Create a multitrack session
  • Multitrack session templates
  • Multitrack and Waveform Editor integration
  • Changing track colors
  • The Tracks panel
  • Loop selections for playback
  • Track controls
  • Channel mapping in the Multitrack Editor
  • The Multitrack Editor Effects Rack

Lesson 10: Multitrack Session Mixing

  • Create a mixtape
  • Mixing or exporting a collection of clips as a single file
  • Merge clips into a single file
  • Editing clip length
  • Clip edits: Split, Trim, Volume
  • Extend a clip via looping
  • Remix

Lesson 11: Automation

  • About automation
  • Clip automation
  • Track automation

Lesson 12: Video Sound Tracks

  • Multitrack session video
  • Audition integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Automatic Speech Alignment
  • Adding effects

Lesson 13: The Essential Sound Panel

  • Automating tasks
  • Assigning audio types
  • Essential Sound panel presets

Lesson 14: The Multitrack Mixer

  • Audio Mixer basics

Lesson 15: Creating Music with Sound Libraries

  • About sound libraries
  • Download Adobe sound effects
  • Preparing
  • Building a rhythm track
  • Adding more percussion
  • Adding melodic elements
  • Using loops with different pitch and tempo
  • Adding effects

Lesson 16: Recording and Output in the Multitrack Editor

  • Getting ready to record a track
  • Setting up the metronome
  • File management
  • Recording a part in a track
  • Recording an additional part (overdub)
  • Punching over a mistake
  • Composite recording
  • Exporting a stereo mix of the song
  • Exporting with Adobe Media Encoder

Private Training?

Would you prefer to take a private Audition course with one of our certified trainers?

We offer Audition training:

From 1 to 100 delegates, On-site at your offices.

Group rates, Flexible dates, Customised courses & Ongoing support for Adobe Audition

Virtual Classroom

Live, Online instructor-led Audition training.
Flexible dates and times to suit. All taught in real time wherever you are to individuals or groups.


If you would like to see our Audition Testimonials, please either contact us directly or view our client list and their experiences with our company.

Adobe Audition courses

Which Audition Course do I take?

There are 2 courses on offer. A 1-day beginner and a 1-day advanced. Please read the course oulines above to determine which is best for you. We recommend taking the advanced course if you are knowledgable of at least 70% of the beginner course.

Adobe Audition Onsite Course Options

Wherever your office is located, we can come to you and deliver a private custom Audition course. The larger the group the bigger the discount. However we also offer Audition training for individuals, either at your corporate headquaters or your home.

For on-site courses, you will need to have a computer with Audition and MS Word and if there are 3 or more delegates, a projection system is required for our Audition instructor.

Adobe Audition Public Courses

Currently we only offer Public Audition courses in the Johannesburg and Cape Town areas. We can however provide a private onsite course or of course an online Audition course is also available

Audition Online Courses

If you are unable to attend a public Audition course, or simply prefer the convenience of an online course, these are regularly offered. For online Audition courses you will need Audition and MS Word, an insternet connection of 5MB/s or faster and a headset with a mic or use your laptop's built in mic and speakers. All Audition course materials are provided digitally. The course is of course, live and fully interactive with engaging teaching.

Adobe Audition Private Course

Audition users tend to use the product for specific purposes. We can tailor a course to meet your specific goals.

What else should I learn after my Audition course?

Audition is mostly a standalone application, however most video editors and motion graphic designers will be using Adobe Premiere, After Effects or even Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Audition training courses are available for all versions

Adobe frequently updates Actobat and we continue to teach earlier versions for those that have not upgraded

About Audition courses and Audition Training Courses from TTC

Our instructors have been using and teaching Audition for over 20 years. Whether you are a beginner or advanced we can assit you.

Prerequisites for enrolling in Audition public courses

For our beginner courses there are no prerequisites however we do recommend a working knowledge of MS Word

Course materials for Audition courses

All delegates receive digital materials which are the official Adobe training manuals. Our instructors may provide addtional training lessons and information especially for custom courses

Audition Certification Training

Adobe is a global company based in the USA and Audition certification through Adobe is recognised worldwide. We can assist you obtaining certification. Taking our Audition courses is your first step to certification. Adobe have offered 2 certification levels. Adobe Certfied Expert (ACE) and Adobe Certified Associate (ACA). The ACE is a higher qualification which requires writing an online exam


Audition Course Reviews and Testimonials

Although Audition is widely used, very few users actually understand the full benefit and potential of Audition when it comes to electronic forms and distribution. Delegates who have taken our Audition courses now have the ability to better manages and streamline their document flow / process. You are welcome to contact them.

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World Class Audition Instruction

You can rely on the expertise of our instructors who have been teaching Audition courses for over 15 years. Our trainers are developers too. It’s essential to learn from professionals.

Audition Course Support

When you attend our courses, all delegates receive course materials, a certificate on completion and 3 months support from our certified instructors.

Your Course is Guaranteed

We guarantee your course and offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with your Audition training experience. Just let us know within the first 2 hours of your course.