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  Captivate Beginner course

Course Description:

Adobe Captivate is Adobe’s most powerful communication tool for creating interactive eLearning content that is rich, responsive and captures the imagination. Our Adobe Captivate training courses give you the tools to produce engaging content that creates a collaborative and engaging eLearning experience. We offer courses to suit every level of Adobe Captivate user, so whether you’re new to the software and are looking for introductory courses or want to improve your current way of working with one of our more advanced courses, we have an Adobe Captivate course to suit you.

Target Audience:

The audience for this course is beginning and intermediate Adobe Captivate users who want to create software demonstrations and interactive simulations. Adobe Captivate appeals to a wide variety of audiences, typically grouped in training and education, sales and marketing, or technical support and documentation.

Pre requisites:

Good working knowledge of the Windows Operating System and proper IT skills

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Hours are 08:30 to 16:00 unless specified otherwise

Course Outline

1.  Exploring Captivate

  • • Exploring the Captivate Interface
  • • Previewing

2.  Creating New Projects

  • • Soft Skills eLearning
  • • Buttons

3.  Recording Screen Actions

  • • Resolution and Recording Size
  • • The Development Process
  • • Preparing to Record
  • • Multimode Recording
  • • Custom Recordings
  • • Panning
  • • Manual Recording

4.  Captions, Styles and Timing

  • • Text Captions
  • • Caption Styles
  • • Callouts
  • • The Timeline

5. Images and Smart Shapes

  • • Images
  • • The Library
  • • Image Editing
  • • Smart Shapes
  • • Background Editing
  • • Integrating Photoshop
  • • Image Slideshows

6. Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes

  • • Mouse Effects
  • • Pointer Paths and Types
  • • Highlight Boxes
  • • Image Buttons

7. Rollovers, Zoom Areas and Slidelets

  • • Rollover Captions
  • • Rollover Images
  • • Zoom Areas
  • • Rollover Slidelets

8. Audio

  • • Object Audio
  • • Recording Audio
  • • Slide Audio
  • • Silence
  • • Text-to-Speech

9. Video, Animation and Effects

  • • Video
  • • Animation
  • • Text Animation
  • • Object Effects

10. Click and Text Entry Boxes

  • • Demonstrations versus Simulations
  • • Find and Replace
  • • Click Boxes
  • • Text Entry Boxes

11. Working With PowerPoint

  • • PowerPoint as a Starting Point
  • • PowerPoint Collaboration
  • • Rescaling Projects

12. Introduction to Question Slides

  • • Quiz Setup
  • • Creating a Quiz

13. Finishing Touches

  • • URL Actions
  • • Skins
  • • Table of Contents
  • • Pre-loaders
  • • Publishing
  • • Round Tripping

Our goal is to make sure your training meets your objectives, not ours. Therefore, all of our outlines are used as guidelines for particular courses. This outline does not guarantee that all the topics listed will be covered in the time allowed. The amount of material covered is based on the skill level of the student audience. We may change or alter course topics to best suit the classroom situation.

  Captivate Advanced course

Course Description:

Captivate Advanced builds upon foundation skills in Captivate Beginner by providing students with hands-on practice extending Captivate capabilities, and customising the learner experience. In this course we will explore features like demonstration and simulation Recording, Effects, Captivate Variables, Advanced Actions, quiz questions and student reporting. We’ll also take a close look at the relationship between Captivate and PowerPoint.

Learning Objectives:

In this course, the participants will learn the following:

  • • Create custom captions in Captivate
  • • Customize the automatic captions in Captivate simulations
  • • Create new skins
  • • Modify the InfoBox
  • • Create a custom Preloader
  • • Customize Captivate print output
  • • Use Captivate variables
  • • Using the Aggregator
  • • LMS publishing with SCORM
  • • Captivate Comments

Target Audience:

The audience for this course is intermediate/advanced Adobe Captivate users who want to take their work to the next level. At least 3-6 months of Captivate experience is needed for this course.

08 Jul - 09 Jul   R9500 Book Quote
07 Oct - 08 Oct   R9500 Book Quote
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Hours are 08:30 to 16:00 unless specified otherwise

Course Outline

1. Caption Pre-Editing

  • • Rehearsals
  • • Software Simulations
  • • Caption Pre-Editing

2.Video Demos

  • • Working with Video Demos
  • • Zooming and Panning
  • • Mouse Points
  • • Splitting
  • • Trimming

3. Branching and Aggregating

  • • Object Styles
  • • Sharing Styles
  • • Combining Projects
  • • Branching
  • • Groups
  • • Aggregating

4. Random Quizzes

  • • GIFT Files
  • • Question Pools
  • • Random Question Slides

5. Accessible eLearning

  • • Accessibility and Captivate
  • • Accessibility Text
  • • Shortcut Keys
  • • Closed Captioning
  • • Tab Order

6. Variables and Widgets

  • • Variables
  • • User Variable
  • • Widgets
  • • Learning Interactions

7. Actions

  • • Standard Actions
  • • Conditional Actions
  • • Multiple Decision Blocks
  • • Shared Actions

8. Masters, Themes and Templates

  • • Master Slides
  • • Themes
  • • Project Templates
  • • Template Placeholders

9. Responsive Projects

  • • Being Responsive
  • • Creating Responsive Projects
  • • Editing a Responsive Project
  • • Positioning Objects

10. Reporting Results

  • • LMS Reporting Options
  • • Manifest Files
  • • Advanced Interaction
  • • Content Packages
  • • Uploading to an LMS


Our goal is to make sure your training meets your objectives, not ours. Therefore, all of our outlines are used as guidelines for particular courses. This outline does not guarantee that all the topics listed will be covered in the time allowed. The amount of material covered is based on the skill level of the student audience. We may change or alter course topics to best suit the classroom situation.

Private Training?

Would you prefer to take a private Captivate course with one of our certified trainers?

We offer Captivate training:

From 1 to 100 delegates, On-site at your offices.

Group rates, Flexible dates, Customised courses & Ongoing support for Adobe Captivate

Virtual Classroom

Live, Online instructor-led Captivate training.
Flexible dates and times to suit. All taught in real time wherever you are to individuals or groups.


If you would like to see our Captivate Testimonials, please either contact us directly or view our client list and their experiences with our company.

Adobe Captivate courses

Which Captivate Course do I take?

We offer 2 Captivate courses. A 2-day beginner and a 2-day advanced. Please read the course oulines above to determine which is best for you. We recommend taking the advanced course if you are knowledgable of at least 70% of the beginner course.

Adobe Captivate Onsite Course Options

Where ever your office is located, we can come to you and deliver a private custom Captivate course. The larger the group the bigger the discount. However we also offer Captivate training for individuals, either at your corporate headquaters or your home.

For on-site courses, you will need to have a computer with Captivate and if there are 3 or more delegates, a projection system is required for our Captivate instructor.

Adobe Captivate Public Courses

Currently we only offer Public Captivate courses in the Johannesburg and Cape Town areas. We can however provide a private onsite course or of course an online Captivate course is also available

Captivate Online Courses

If you are unable to attend a public Captivate course, or simply prefer the convenience of an online course, these are regularly offered. For online Captivate courses you will need Captivate and MS Word, an internet connection of 5MB/s or faster and a headset with a mic or use your laptop's built in mic and speakers. All Captivate course materials are provided digitally. The course is of course, live and fully interactive with engaging teaching.

Adobe Captivate Private Course

Captivate users tend to use the product for specific purposes. We can tailor a course to meet your specific goals.

What else should I learn after my Captivate course?

eLearning developers will always have other tools in their toolbox. MS Office as most of the text content will be provided in Word and PowerPoint. If you are modifying or creating your own graphics, we recommend Photoshop. Audition to mix and create your audio and voice overs and finally if you plan on editing your own video then Premiere is a must.

Captivate training classes are available for all versions

Adobe frequently updates Captivate and we continue to teach earlier versions for those that have not upgraded

About Captivate Classes and Captivate Training Courses from TTC

Our instructors have been using and teaching Captivate for over 20 years. Whether you are a beginner or advanced we can assit you.

Prerequisites for enrolling in Captivate public courses

For our beginner courses there are no prerequisites

Course materials for Captivate classes

All delegates receive digital materials which are the official Adobe training manuals. Our instructors may provide addtional training lessons and information especially for custom courses

Captivate Certification Training

Adobe is a global company based in the USA and Captivate certification through Adobe is recognised worldwide. We can assist you obtaining certification. Taking our Captivate courses is your first step to certification. Adobe have offered 2 certification levels. Adobe Certfied Expert (ACE) and Adobe Certified Associate (ACA). The ACE is a higher qualification which requires writing an online exam

Captivate Class Reviews and Testimonials

Although Captivate is widely used and it is the defacto standard for eLearning development and has a very large community support base. After completing our Captivate courses, delegates feel confident in creating an eLearning application. You are welcome to contact them.

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World Class Captivate Instruction

You can rely on the expertise of our instructors who have been teaching Captivate courses for over 15 years. Our trainers are developers too. It’s essential to learn from professionals.

Captivate Course Support

When you attend our courses, all delegates receive course materials, a certificate on completion and 3 months support from our certified instructors.

Your Course is Guaranteed

We guarantee your course and offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with your Captivate training experience. Just let us know within the first 2 hours of your course.