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Microsoft Excel Power BI courses

Excel Power BI

  Excel Power BI Course

Course Description

In this three day course, attendees will learn the fundamentals of creating their own rich interactive reports and sharing their insights with others.

Power BI uses Excel technologies we are familiar with like Power Query and PowerPivot. It combines these awesome tools, and adds an incredible charting and visualization layer on top. This provides a beautiful interactive experience for the end user to discover new insights about our data.

You will learn how to create relationships between data sets, which allow us to create charts and visualizations that compare data from multiple sources. We analyze trends in weather data, Facebook activity, and sales performance for Mammoth, to gain some pretty interesting insights about their data.

We will cover An introduction to Power BI Importing and cleansing data for use in the model Modelling your data with DAX Creating interactive reports Sharing your reports with others


Target Audience

It is intended for use by non-IT staff, including both Line and Senior Managers, Personal Assistants, Business Analysts, BI Specialists, and Knowledge Workers



No prior experience with Power BI or other BI tools is required, some experience with excel is desirable but not mandatory

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12 Aug - 14 Aug   R7500 Book Quote
14 Oct - 16 Oct   R7500 Book Quote
09 Dec - 11 Dec   R7500 Book Quote
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Hours are 08:30 to 16:00 unless specified otherwise

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Started

    TOPIC A: An Introduction to Power BI
  • What is Power BI?
  • The Building Blocks of Power BI
  • The Power BI Desktop Interface
  • Important Information About Power BI Updates
  • Activity 1-1: An Introduction to Power BI

    TOPIC B: Working with Power BI Desktop Files
  • Opening Files
  • Saving Files
  • Creating a New File
  • Publishing to the Power BI Web App
  • Activity 1-2: Working with Power BI Desktop Files

    TOPIC C: Connecting to Data Sources with Power BI Desktop
  • Connecting to an Excel Workbook
  • Connecting to an Access Database
  • Viewing All Connection Options
  • Creating a Manual Dataset
  • Managing Data Sources
  • Activity 1-3: Connecting to Data Sources with Power BI Desktop

    TOPIC D: Creating a Report with Visualizations
  • Using the Visualizations Pane
  • Using the Fields Pane
  • Creating a Visualization
  • Interacting with Visualizations
  • Changing the Visualization Type
  • Moving and Resizing Visualizations
  • Activity 1-4: Creating a Report with Visualizations

    TOPIC E: Doing More with Visualizations
  • Formatting Visualizations
  • Using Focus Mode and Spotlight
  • Removing a Visualization
  • Activity 1-5: Doing More with Visualizations

Lesson 2: Working with Data

    TOPIC A: Transforming and Sanitizing Data
  • Using Data View
  • Cleaning Irregularly Formatted Data
  • Managing Columns
  • Sorting Table Data
  • Activity 2-1: Transforming and Sanitizing Data

    TOPIC B: Using the Query Editor
  • Opening the Query Editor
  • The Query Editor Interface
  • Using the Query Settings Pane
  • Using Merge Queries
  • Using Append Queries
  • Activity 2-2: Using the Query Editor

    TOPIC C: Data Modelling
  • What is DAX
  • Creating a New Table
  • Creating a New Calculated Column
  • Creating a New Measure
  • Activity 2-3: Data Modelling

    TOPIC D: Managing Relationships
  • Using the Relationships View
  • Creating Relationships
  • Editing Relationships
  • Deleting Relationships
  • Using the Manage Relationships Dialog
  • Activity 2-4: Managing Relationships

Lesson 3: Working with Reports and Visualizations

    TOPIC A: Managing Report Pages
  • Navigating Through Pages
  • Showing and Hiding Pages
  • Adding Pages
  • Deleting Pages
  • Renaming Pages
  • Changing Page Order
  • Activity 3-1: Managing Report Pages

    TOPIC B: Changing Report View Options
  • Setting Page View Options
  • Customizing Your View
  • Using Phone vs. Desktop Layout
  • Activity 3-2: Changing Report View Options

    TOPIC C: Working with Visualizations
  • Understanding Drillthrough Options
  • Changing Category and Summarization Options
  • Arranging Visualizations
  • Editing Interactions
  • About Custom Visualizations
  • Activity 3-3: Working with Visualizations

    TOPIC D: Adding Static Objects to a Report
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Inserting Text Boxes
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Working with Static Objects
  • Activity 3-4: Adding Static Objects to a Report

Lesson 4: A Closer Look at Visualizations

    TOPIC A: Matrixes, Tables, and Charts
  • Creating a Table
  • Creating a Matrix
  • Overview of Chart Types
  • Creating Charts
  • Activity 4-1: Matrices, Tables, and Charts

    TOPIC B: Maps
  • Creating a Tree-map
  • Creating a Bubble Map
  • Creating a Filled Map
  • Activity 4-2: Maps

    TOPIC C: Cards, Gauges, and KPIs
  • Creating a Card
  • Creating a Gauge
  • Creating a KPI
  • Activity 4-3: Cards, Gauges, and KPIs

    TOPIC D: Slicers
  • Creating a Slicer
  • Using Slicers
  • Customizing Slicer Display
  • Changing Slicer Mode
  • Changing Slicer Orientation
  • Activity 4-4: Slicers

Lesson 5: Introduction to the Power BI Web App

    TOPIC A: Getting Started
  • Opening the Power BI Web App
  • The Web App Interface
  • Web App Building Blocks
  • Key Differences
  • Activity 5-1: Getting Started

    TOPIC B: Connecting to Data Sources with the Power BI Web App
  • Connecting to Local Data
  • Connecting to Live Data
  • Connecting to Content Packs
  • Connecting to Samples
  • Activity 5-2: Connecting to Data Sources with the Power BI App

    TOPIC C: Using Workspaces, Dashboards, and Reports
  • Viewing and Managing Power BI Content
  • Viewing a Workspace
  • Managing Reports
  • Activity 5-3: Using Workspaces, Dashboards, and Reports

    TOPIC D: Creating Custom Dashboards
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Pinning Visualizations to a Dashboard
  • Adding Custom Tiles
  • Managing Dashboards
  • Activity 5-4: Creating Custom Dashboards

    TOPIC E: Power BI Web App Features
  • Using Insights
  • Using Q & A
  • Customizing Q & A Suggestions
  • Activity 5-5: Power BI Web App Features

Private Training?

Would you prefer to take a private Excel course with one of our certified trainers?

We offer Excel training:

From 1 to 100 delegates, On-site at your offices.

Group rates, Flexible dates, Customised courses & Ongoing support for Adobe Excel

Virtual Classroom

Live, Online instructor-led Excel training.
Flexible dates and times to suit. All taught in real time wherever you are to individuals or groups.


If you would like to see our Excel Testimonials, please either contact us directly or view our client list and their experiences with our company.

Microsoft Excel Power BI courses

Why learn Excel Power BI ?

Power BI is an analytics tool developed by Microsoft that turns your bits of unstructured data into a visually compelling story. It consists of the Power BI Desktop, the SaaS Power BI Service, and a range of mobile apps (iOS and Android compatible). These tools take big data and help your business or organization ask the right questions and receive actionable insights. Power BI takes information from disparate data sources and turns them into custom visuals designed to help an organization not only read the info but get a clear idea of what to do. The right data visualization can be the difference between having unstructured data that disappears and using that data to make critical (and more importantly, correct) decisions.

Share rich data visualizations that help everyone make decisions based on facts, not instinct.

Distribute findings to team members inside and outside your organization, adjusting permissions as needed

Access visualizations on the go using the Power BI Mobile app to make data-driven decisions from anywhere.

Enhance collaboration by using team commenting and stay current with content subscriptions and update alerts.

Microsoft Excel Power BI Onsite Course Options

Wherever your office is located, we can come to you and deliver a private custom Excel Power BI course. The larger the group the bigger the discount. However we also offer Excel training for individuals, either at your offices or your home.

For on-site courses, you will need to have a computer with Excel and if there are 3 or more delegates, a projection system is required for our Excel instructor.

Microsoft Excel Power BI Public Courses

Currently we offer Public Excel Power BI courses in the Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Gqeberha and Bloemfontein areas. We can however provide a private onsite course or of course an online Excel course is also available

Excel Power BI Online Courses

If you are unable to attend a public Excel course, or simply prefer the convenience of an online course, these are regularly offered. For online Excel courses you will need Excel installed, an internet connection of 5MB/s or faster and a headset with a mic or use your laptop's built in mic and speakers. All Excel course materials are provided digitally. The course is of course, live and fully interactive with engaging teaching.

Microsoft Excel Power BI Private Course

Excel users tend to use the product for specific purposes. We can tailor a course to meet your specific goals.

What else should I learn after my Excel Power BI course?

Power BI is the future of how we will analyze, present, and share data. It's a revolutionary new tool that provides us with a lot of opportunity.

Excel Power BI Training Courses from TTC

Bring data together from multiple sources including Excel, databases (SQL, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics, Facebook, etc.), the web, and more. Clean and transform the data to create relationships between data tables. Create interactive reports and dashboards that are accessible on any device including computers, phones, tablets, and even Apple Watch.

Prerequisites for enrolling in Excel Power BI public courses

No prior experience with Power BI or other BI tools is required, some experience with excel is desirable but not mandatory

Course materials for Excel classes

All delegates receive digital materials which are the official Microsoft training manuals. Our instructors may provide addtional training lessons and information especially for custom courses

Excel Certification Training

These Excel courses are the perfect preparation to become a Microsoft Office Specialist

Excel Power BI Class Reviews and Testimonials

Excel is used by almost every computer user. Simply put if you want to be employed or run your own business, knowledge of Excel is imperative. We cannot show you all our clients and their reviews on our site, and you can view a sample by using this link, however if you contact us directly, we will be happy to put in you in touch with some of our students who have taken our Excel courses.

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World Class Instruction

You can rely on the expertise of our instructors who have been teaching courses over 15 years. Our trainers are developers too. It’s essential to learn from professionals.

Course Support

When you attend our courses, all delegates receive course materials, a certificate on completion and 3 months support from our certified instructors.

Your Course is Guaranteed

We guarantee your course and offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with your training experience. Just let us know within the first 2 hours of your course.