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Microsoft Publisher courses

Microsoft Publisher

  Publisher Level 1 Course

Course Description

Microsoft Office Publisher Beginners course teaches the core features and functions of Publisher. Students will learn how to navigate the Publisher interface, create and edit publications, arrange text and pictures, work with master pages, and create and format tables. They will also learn how to flow text across text boxes, create a facing-pages layout, export publications to PDF, and prepare publications for commercial printing.


Target Audience

Students will benefit from this course if their goal is to learn the basic features of Publisher to create both basic and multi-page publications, work with master pages, format text and paragraphs, work with tables and output publications for sharing and commercial printing.



Good working knowledge of the Windows Operating System and proper IT skills

Sorry, we currently do not have any MS Publisher Level 1 courses scheduled at this time. Please contact us to see if we can put one on the schedule for you.

Course Outline

1. Getting Started

  • Topic A: The Publisher interface
  • Topic B: Navigation and selection techniques
  • Topic C: Publisher Help


2. Basic Publications

  • Topic A: Publication Basics
  • Topic B: Object positioning


3. Multi-page Publications

  • Topic A: Multi-page layouts
  • Topic B: Master pages


4. Working with Text

  • Topic A: Text box linking
  • Topic B: Paragraph formatting


5. Tables

  • Topic A: Table basics
  • Topic B: Table structure
  • Topic C: Table formatting


6. Layout and Design Techniques

  • Topic A: Text boxes
  • Topic B: Graphics adjustments
  • Topic C: Stacking and grouping objects


7. Finalizing Publications

  • Topic A: Publication output
  • Topic B: Print preparation


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

  Publisher Level 2 Course

Course Description

Microsoft Office Publisher Advanced course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Publisher: Basic. Students will learn how to control colours and gradients, create and apply styles, work with WordArt objects, and apply section page numbers and bookmarks. They will also learn how to create and manage mail merge lists, edit web forms and elements, and maintain and publish Web sites created in previous editions of Publisher. Finally, students will learn to customize the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar.


Target Audience

Students will benefit from this course if their goal is to learn the advanced features of Publisher and use them to adjust layout and design of a publication, work with advanced typography, create publication with sections, perform a mail merge and a catalogue merge, creative interactive forms, design and publish Web sites and customize the Publisher workspace.



Microsoft Publisher Beginners or equivalent working knowledge

Sorry, we currently do not have any MSPublisher Level 2 courses scheduled at this time. Please contact us to see if we can put one on the schedule for you.

Course Outline

1. Basic Design Options

  • Topic A: Publication setup
  • Topic B: Custom colours
  • Topic C: Building blocks
  • Topic D: The Graphics Manager pane


2. Typography

  • Topic A: Styles and font schemes
  • Topic B: Graphics in typography
  • Topic C: Precise spacing control
  • Topic D: Symbols and special characters


3. Long Publications

  • Topic A: Sections
  • Topic B: Bookmarks


4. Mail Merge and Catalogue Merge

  • Topic A: Form letters
  • Topic B: Data sources for the recipient list
  • Topic C: Catalogue merge


5. Interactive Forms

  • Topic A: Editing Web forms
  • Topic B: Modifying form properties


6. Web Site Publishing

  • Topic A: Adding elements to a Web site
  • Topic B: Finalizing and publishing a site


7. Customizing Publisher

  • Topic A: Customizing the Ribbon
  • Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access toolbar


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

Private Training?

Would you prefer to take a private Publisher course with one of our certified trainers?

We offer Publisher training:

From 1 to 100 delegates, On-site at your offices.

Group rates, Flexible dates, Customised courses & Ongoing support for Adobe Publisher

Virtual Classroom

Live, Online instructor-led Publisher training.
Flexible dates and times to suit. All taught in real time wherever you are to individuals or groups.


If you would like to see our Publisher Testimonials, please either contact us directly or view our client list and their experiences with our company.

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Which Publisher Course do I take?

We offer 3 Publisher courses. A beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each is 1-day. Please read the course oulines above to determine which is best for you. We taking the advanced course if you are knowledgable of at least 70% of the beginner course.

Microsoft Publisher Onsite Course Options

Wherever your office is located, we can come to you and deliver a private custom Publisher course. The larger the group the bigger the discount. However we also offer Publisher training for individuals, either at your offices or your home.

For on-site courses, you will need to have a computer with Publisher and if there are 3 or more delegates, a projection system is required for our Publisher instructor.

Microsoft Publisher Public Courses

Currently we offer Public Publisher courses in the Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Gqeberha and Bloemfontein areas. We can however provide a private onsite course or of course an online Publisher course is also available

Publisher Online Courses

If you are unable to attend a public Publisher course, or simply prefer the convenience of an online course, these are regularly offered. For online Publisher courses you will need Publisher installed, an internet connection of 5MB/s or faster and a headset with a mic or use your laptop's built in mic and speakers. All Publisher course materials are provided digitally. The course is of course, live and fully interactive with engaging teaching.

Microsoft Publisher Private Course

Publisher users tend to use the product for specific purposes. We can tailor a course to meet your specific goals.

What else should I learn after my Publisher course?

Firstly, get the basics done. It is absolutely essential for you to have a good working knowledge of Publisher. More and more companies are demanding expertise in Publisher, whether it is formula’s, pivot tables or dashboard. Taking the Publisher level 2 and level 3 class is highly recommended.
In addition to Publisher, most office users will use Publisher, Word and Publisher.

It’s essential to know Publisher and taking an Publisher beginner course is the best way to start. What will certainly make a difference though, is your level of expertise in Publisher and knowledge of the other Microsoft products.

Publisher training courses are available for all versions

Whether you are using the most recent Publisher version, or earlier releases such as Publisher 2010,2013,2016 or 2019, our Publisher training courses will help you learn the tools you use. When attending a public Publisher course, we will use the most recent versions for your Publisher course. If you wish to use an older version of Publisher for your training, simply let us know and we will work with you on that version. Our Publisher instructors have been teaching and developing courses for over 15 years, and are happy to address questions and deliver training on all versions of Publisher.

Publisher Training Courses from TTC

Microsoft Publisher is installed on almost every device today. Computers, tablets and mobile devices. It is the most common spreadsheet used by over 500 million people and it is an office tool you can’t live without. Our instructors have been using and teaching Publisher for over 20 years. Whether you are a beginner or advanced we can assit you.

Prerequisites for enrolling in Publisher public courses

For the beginner course, no previous experience is required. For the intermediate and advanced Publisher courses, we recommend using Publisher for at least 3 months or having attended the beginner course. If you are not sure which level would benefit you, please have a look at the course descriptions for each level. Most of our classrooms, are equipped with Windows computers for use during your Publisher training class. If you are an Publisher mac user, you are welcome to bring your Mac with with you. It is strongly recommended that you have a personal installation of Publisher to use directly after your training

Course materials for Publisher classes

All delegates receive digital materials which are the official Microsoft training manuals. Our instructors may provide addtional training lessons and information especially for custom courses

Publisher Certification Training

These Publisher courses are the perfect preparation to become a Microsoft Office Specialist

Publisher Class Reviews and Testimonials

Publisher is used by almost every computer user. Simply put if you want to be employed or run your own business, knowledge of Publisher is imperative. We cannot show you all our clients and their reviews on our site, and you can view a sample by using this link, however if you contact us directly, we will be happy to put in you in touch with some of our students who have taken our Publisher courses.

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Publisher World Class Instructors

You can rely on the expertise of our Publisher instructors who have been teaching Publisher Training Classes over 15 years. Our trainers are developers too. It is essential to learn from professionals.

Publisher Course Support

When you attend our Publisher Training Course, all students receive class materials, a certificate on completion and 3 months support from our certified instructors.

Your Publisher Course is Guaranteed

We guarantee your Publisher Course and offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with your training experience. Just let us know within the first 2 hours of your Publisher class.