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Course Description

The Professional Receptionist / PA course will teach students on the following: - Adhere to business protocol and ethics - Portray a polite and friendly image - Portray yourself with more confidence and body language - Distinguish between Personal vs. Professional Life regarding Professional Image - Have a proper hairstyle, make-up and accessories - Distinguish between different dress codes as per occasion - Communicate at a comfortable level and interact with different cultures - Communication with comfort regarding cultural diversity and respect - Improve your listening skills in order to improve your communication skill - Be a better conversationalist - Answer the telephone professionally and politely, adapting your voice to communicate clearly - Learning how to politely put someone on hold as well as transferring calls correctly and efficiently -Taking thorough messages - Dealing with difficult callers - Using effective listening techniques - Improved confidence


Target Audience

PRO's, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Receptionists

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Hours are 08:30 to 16:00 unless specified otherwise

Day 1: Telephone skills & Etiquette

1. Introduction to Telephone Communication

  • The importance of answering all calls in a professional manner
  • The impact it has on the company's image
  • Understanding the different communication styles
  • Elements ofspeech such as pronunciation, emphasis, pitch of voice, pause etc


2. Customer Focus

  • Portraying a polite and friendly image
  • Needs and benefits of customer service
  • Cultivating a service attitude
  • Assisting customers with requests
  • Handling difficult callers


3. Communicating on the telephone

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Techniques to communicate successfully with the caller
  • Telephone time management in order to increase productivity


4. Technology

  • Technology regarding telecommunication such as teleconferencing amongst others
  • Telephone Aids
  • All the tools necessary to ensure that the above principles are applied correctly


5. Telephone Aids

  • Hands-free
  • Recording
  • Bridges / Conferencing
  • Other


6. Telephone Etiquette

  • Good telephone manners
  • Putting a client on hold and transferring calls correctly
  • Do's and taboos


7. Dealing with Difficult Callers

  • Role-play
  • How to handle difficult callers successfully
  • Common errors
  • Delivering and receiving constructive feedback


8. Incoming and Outgoing Telephone Calls

  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Establish what the caller really needs
  • Listening skills and building rapport
  • Creating a positive impression of your company


9. Taking Messages

  • Accurate and effective message-taking
  • Taking ownership of messages and following up


10. Practical Skills Application

  • Action plan on how to implement and apply learned skills


Day 2: Business Etiquette & Protocol

1. Introduction to Business Etiquette & Protocol

  • Definition
  • Protocol guidelines
  • Protocol in the business sector


2. Business Introductions

  • Name tags
  • Titles and Seniority


3. Ethics: Do's & Taboos

  • Punctuality
  • Holy and National Days
  • Business Cards
  • Level of Communication
  • Personal circumstances


4. Protocol in the Business Sector

  • Questionnaire (to be completed)
  • General Guidelines
  • Company Protocol
  • Impeccable Behaviour
  • Being an Ambassador
  • Respect
  • Confidence and Body Language
  • Be informed


5. Forms of Address

  • Rules on the Forms of Address


6. Professional Image: Personal vs Professional Life

  • Time Concept
  • Attitude and Emotions
  • Dress Code
  • Relationships


7. Guidelines for Business Dress Codes

  • Classic Styles and Colours
  • Hairstyle, Make-up and Accessories
  • Different Dress Codes as per occasion


8. Meeting Protocol

  • Purpose
  • Punctuality
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Facilities
  • Safety


9. Cultural Contexting and Interactions

  • Difference between High Context and Low Context
  • Cultural Commonalities
  • Gender Roles
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Visual Aids
  • Interpreters


10. Cultural Guidelines - Gifts

  • Exchanging of Gifts
  • Gift Policy Guidelines
  • Presentation of Gifts


11. Conversation

  • Attitude
  • Picking a Topic
  • Sensitive Topics
  • Cultural Diversity and Respect
  • Ethnic Jokes
  • Questions
  • Listening Skills
  • 7 Ways to be a Good Conversationalist
  • Do's and Taboos

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Professional Receptionist COURSE INFORMATION

Why take this Professional Receptionist Course?

If you are unemployed and looking for a office entry job, are presentable and enjoy working with people, this is a good course to help you get into the workplace. FOr those that receptionists you have had no formal training or have mostly been a telephone operator, this too would be a course to upskill

Professional Receptionist Onsite Course Options

Wherever your office is located, we can come to you and deliver a private custom Professional Receptionist course. The larger the group the bigger the discount. However we also offer Professional Receptionist training for individuals, either at your corporate headquaters or your home.

Professional Receptionist Public Courses - where can I attend

Currently we only offer Public Professional Receptionist courses in the Johanensburg and Cape Town areas. We can however provide a private onsite course or of course an online Professional Receptionist course is also available

Professional Receptionist Online Courses

If you are unable to attend a public Professional Receptionist course, or simply prefer the convenience of an online course, these are regularly offered. For online Professional Receptionist courses you will need Professional Receptionist and MS Word, an insternet connection of 5MB/s or faster and a headset with a mic or use your laptop's built in mic and speakers. All Professional Receptionist course materials are provided digitally. The course is of course, live and fully interactive with engaging teaching.

Professional Receptionist Private Course

The Professional Receptionist course can be tailored to suit your specific job requirements.

What else should I learn after my Professional Receptionist course?

Professional Receptionists generally work their way up coorporate ladder to more responsible and managerial roles. We recommend taking additional course in MS Office to improve general software skills as well as a time managment course or perhaps managerial or sales training.

What else should I learn after my Professional Receptionist course?

Professional Receptionists generally work their way up coorporate ladder to more responsible and managerial roles. We recommend taking additional course in MS Office to improve general software skills as well as a time managment course or perhaps managerial or sales training.

Professional Receptionist training courses are available for businesses

Regardless of the size of your organisation, we can assist you

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Prerequisites for enrolling in Professional Receptionist public courses

All applicants need to have good communication, writing and reading skills

Course materials for Professional Receptionist courses

All delegates receive digital materials. Our instructors may provide addtional training lessons and information especially for custom courses

Professional Receptionist Certification Training

Currently this course is offered as a credit bearing course in Midrand, Cape Town and online. Services SETA 12611: US13928 NQF3, Credits: 4, and US7790 NQF 3, Credits: 3, US110021 NQF 4, Credits: 6


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